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Let it go!

02 February 2016

The mind is a complex thing. It constantly feeds on the past and future, almost never in this moment. Often, we spend too much time and energy trying to plan, prevent and predict what is going to happen, or what was supposed to happen, that we root ourselves in fear-based living. But what I learned is that when we try to control, it disconnects us from everything else. We close down our hearts and get imprisoned by whatever it is that we are trying to control. It’s not just with people but with life too. Most of the times, we find ourselves thinking about what we should have done differently and how we could have lived our lives, instead of focusing on what we can create in this moment. This impulse to control stems from the lack of trust in life. We believe that if we don’t control, life will fail us and those we love. The thing is, even if we succeed in controlling some things, by distrusting life we become disconnected from life itself. When we are disconnected from life, we are also unplugged from the source of creation. Our fears, worries and insecurities start to gain more power than love, peace and joy. So how can we access a deep connection to life? By trusting in the process of life and letting go. Trusting life does not mean that undesirable experiences will never happen, it means that if they do, you trust that whatever unfolds is for your highest good, and the highest good of those involved. Here are some techniques which help us through this process.

Practice being in the present

Look around you! Look at all the everyday miracles and life that there is. Listen to the rhythmic chirping of the birds when you wake up. Notice the good in people and acknowledge their efforts. Relish the gorgeous sunset on your way back home from work. Admire the moon for its beauty. Breathe in the fresh, flower-scented air deeply on your early morning hike and feel it in your lungs. Pause and listen to your heart beat. This moment is truly inevitable so be grateful and savor each moment for its uniqueness. Peace almost always arises when we can be fully present in the moment. Believe it or not, when we are in sync with all that is around us, in other words when we are in sync with the universe, it immediately brings us back into connection with who we really are. The power of letting go to the source of creation is a powerful way which lets you tap into the oneness and creative flow of the universe. This moment is the only doorway to the creator and creativity. It means that you are opening up to better things that life has planned for you.

Surrender to the universe

Notice how all of these miracles work in harmony without our meddling? The planets, the tides, mother earth, the sun and the moon, all continue to to carry on their legacy. Even our breath does not wait for a signal. It goes on! The same source that created all these miracles also created us. Doesn’t it seem like the source of life knows what it is doing? The more we try to resist and control life, the more misaligned to life we become. When we lift that control, we allow magical things to happen. So why not surrender and let the universe do it’s thing? By surrendering, I do not mean giving up on your dreams or loved ones but to end any form of resistance. It means putting your heart into what you want to create and then letting go without trying to control the outcome. To surrender to your emotions without resisting them but also being aware of them at the same time. To surrender is to stop fighting the natural flow of life and just let life unfold the beautiful story that it has in store for you. Surrendering is powerful, liberating and life enhancing. When you get to a place of surrender, higher guidance flows freely through you and your creativity will gain momentum.

Accept the moment

We hear a lot of advice around us to make peace with the past, let go and move on. If only life was that simple, sigh! It’s no use denying that past experiences have had no effect on who we are now. Letting go does not mean repressing or pushing away our feelings. People who deny the effect of past experiences can get caught in a strategy of self-protection that involves dismissing or ignoring strong emotions and tend to experience the same symptoms as those who struggle with anxiety. Such things can come back to bite us where we least expect it. I believe that some things had to happen the way they did as soul lessons for our spiritual growth. The best thing to do is to bless them for having served us and let them go in a healthy manner. How do we do this? Through acceptance of the moment. The more we resist the situation which is beyond our control, the more we suffer. But when we completely accept the moment as it is, then there wouldn’t be any suffering. If you think about it, happiness occurs because we are completely accepting something that is happening at that moment. It’s not about external events making you happy but it is about completely accepting the moment the way it is. Accept yourself and the situation, understand how it affected you and how it served you in your growth process. Also make sure to place it where it belongs — in the past.

What is the lesson?

One of the most beautiful gifts we can give to ourselves is the willingness to open up ourselves to understand why and how certain things happened and what is the lesson in it for us to learn. Acknowledging that there is a soul lesson to learn in every undesirable situation is where half of the healing happens. Have you noticed undesirable patterns repeating themselves again and again in your lives? That is the universe’s way of telling us that there is still a lesson to be learned and acknowledged from the situation. The hardest most painful part of our life might end up leading us someplace more powerful. When we are open to life’s unexpected blessings, we are led to what we need.

Release attachments to thoughts

Once the lesson is learnt, the most important thing to do is to let go of all attachments to our thoughts. The secret is to not let our thoughts run or control us. Instead what we have under our control is THIS moment and the power to make different choices, to think in different ways and create the life we want. It is important to let go of negative thoughts and turn our focus into thoughts that empower us to create a happy and content life. By letting go of negative thoughts, you are also releasing the mental and emotional attachments which originate from the thoughts. This can be a very challenging and on-going process but slowly the thoughts will begin to lose power over you. Letting go is not a one-time thing. It is a practice that requires dedication to the process of life until you reach a state of wakefulness. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

“It does not do to dwell on the past and forget to live” (Albus Dumbledore)

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